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Company Overview

Search Marketing Wizards LLC is a search engine marketing company specializing mainly in Search Engine Optimization & Pay per Click. We focus on increasing visibility and profitability of your company by increasing targeted traffic to your website, and improving the conversion rate on your landing pages.

At Search Marketing Wizards we take pride in delivering measurable results. Because of our experience and subject matter expertise, you’ll receive guidance from some of the top Digital & Search marketing professionals in the region.

Search Marketing Wizards is a Badged Google Partner.

We work with a team of certified experts & specialists. We consult companies across the country, as well as some of the big marketing agencies in the Twin Cities area.

Shikha Bagchi: Principal Consultant & Owner

Shikha Bagchi
Shikha Bagchi

Shikha has over 25 years of overall experience in diverse roles – print, web design & management, portal direction and online marketing – including search engine marketing – SEO & SEM. She has worked for a diverse group of companies, some of which are Fortune 500 firms, such as Ciena, U.S. Foodservice, Boston Scientific and General Mills.

She is one of the leading search engine marketing professionals in the Twin Cities and is passionate about driving business through search engine marketing. Shikha has optimized thousands of pages leading to high search engine ranking and increased traffic, and managed large PPC campaigns resulting in revenue generation, even during the worst periods of the recession.

Her extensive education in Search Engine Marketing and web technologies matched with over a decade of hands-on work experience, makes her unique as a SEO and PPC specialist.

Shikha Bagchi is a Google AdWords Qualified Individual and a Certified Webmaster from The Johns Hopkins University. She also has degrees/diplomas in English, Journalism, Computer Graphics & Visual Communication.

Email or Call 952-448-3806 for a  30-min free consultation.